We Have Drafted a World-Class Team

Perpetual Sports Network was developed to focus on Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities. To that end, we have combined a Block Chain Smart Contract Platform, a full-stack Content Hub, and a Subscription App. Bringing together these assets as a singular solution creates value and revenue by protecting all stakeholders—athletes, colleges, partners, and sponsors—helping young people play an active role in building their future, and providing turnkey opportunities to monetize NIL.

How Does Perpetual Sports Network Work?

Athletes and Their Families will learn how to make the most of opportunities as rules change.
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Athletic Directors will help to develop a program that benefits the athlete, the team, and the institution.
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Coaches will understand how to create an environment where players can be their best.
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Sponsors and Partners will create brand awareness while affiliating with impressive young people with a bright future.
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Sports fans can dig into the Full-Stack Content Hub and Subscription App to follow follow exclusive updates including insights, images, and video from and about their favorite players
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