Building Leaders and Brand Awareness at the Same Time

Connect your brand to today’s most exciting athletes. Perpetual Sports Network delivers sports news and video through a content hub, with a channel structured around each of these young people, creating a vibe that will generate interest and buzz among a dedicated fan base. College athletes capture the attention of huge segments of the sports fan base, including alumni, conference boosters, and a young and energized audience. Pair your brand with the athletes watched closely by your target customers with sponsorships that benefit one or more young athletes and help them reach their full potential.

Through a transparent system powered by blockchain distributed-ledger technology, agreements meet all required standards and uphold the values held by athletes, colleges and universities, the sponsor, and the fans. Our content-distribution network works across digital channels, including social and a subscription-based app, television, and a unique digtial-audio network to grow and engage an audience that will drive athlete value.

Build Your Relationships Through Perpetual Sports Network

Changes are coming to collegiate sports, and our team is on the leading edge, with experienced talent-management professionals partnering with former professional players and coaches. Our solutions are built to respond to all policies regarding athletes’ rights and how they benefit from name, image, and likeness (NIL). Partner with us to lay the foundation for relationships in the shifting world of collegiate athletics, as athletes build their reputation and engage with an exclusive, subscription-driven fan base.

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