Simplifying NIL

We do everything on our mobile device. Ok not everything, but a lot. We stay informed. Learn things. Pay for stuff. Pay each other. Perpetual Sports Network uses the ever-presence of mobile devices to make all those things just as easy for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partnerships.

Dynamic content platform

At Perpetual Sports Network, each athlete gets exposure through exclusive consumer-facing outlets.

First, they get a content platform along with a pro team of writers and photographers to help them build their brand, profile, and audience. The platform features stories, photos, and more to let fans see the people behind the jersey. People who have battled mental blocks and made difficult decisions. People who adore their little sisters and become the team barber.

In addition to the platform, we have a one-of-a-kind digital audio content-distribution network. This network offers another way to reach consumers where they are and drive targeted messaging at point-of-sale locations.

Beyond stats and scores, it’s these kinds of details and intimacy that make fans invest in athletes, programs, and institutions. And odds are once they do, they invest for the long haul.

Transparent contract platform

In addition to being the only NIL partner that uses storytelling to build athletes’ profile, we’re the only partner with technology that makes contracts, payments, and other activity transparent for everyone involved. With our distributed-ledger technology, the flow of funds is tracked, analyzed, and visible to all parties.