Layering Technology to Create Value

Technology is everywhere, affecting the way we all approach our lives, and sports are no different. Fans can interact directly with their favorite players. Contracts and payments can be tracked to ensure every stakeholder receives their fair share. News can be in the hands of anyone who wants it in the blink of an eye. It’s an electrifying, expanding, ever-changing world, driven by the universality of mobile devices and the desire to have an inside track on the next revelation, and access to insight and analysis of what it all means. Our platform is built for scalability—we’re ready to grow and evolve as the environment shifts and changes, no matter what comes next.

Using Blockchain to Ensure Transparency and Fairness

We know Blockchain, and how this powerful distributed-ledger technology can ensure transparency of contracts and agreements. All stakeholders can readily see the agreements so nothing can change without the buy-in of everyone involved. Then it goes a step further, where tracking of performance of content, understanding the scope and market penetration surrounding the use of Name, Image, and Likeness for each athlete, any partnership and sponsorship agreements, and even the flow of funds to all parties are all tracked, analyzed, and dialed in to ensure optimal value. It’s a powerful system. But anyone who has ever attended an athletic competition understands, the emotion and feeling a fan has for their team and their players is anything but boring. And the value that is created is real and warrants a proper platform for all parties to benefit.

Sharing Content Where the Fans Live

We understand content and how it can shape the narrative for an athlete, a university sports program, an institution, and even an entire conference, unifying the stories into a collective message that captures the will of the fans and the thrill of competition—that’s how everyone wins. We know the channels via social, the web, and television that drive the eyeballs to sports. We are not just another social media aggregate that solely relies on monetizing feeds of content. Instead, Perpetual Sports Network places an entire content team behind each athlete and focuses on creating the stories that will engage fans and build the athlete’s brand. Once an athlete joins the Perpetual Sports Network we leverage all of this expertise to drive up value, improving public profile and name recognition. We generate world-class content that captures the essence of each athlete, understanding the full, rounded person behind the jersey number, incorporating video, articles, easily shareable content bites, podcasts, and more. Next we deliver that content through exclusive customer-facing outlets including a premium app and website, powerful social channels, and a one-of-a-kind digital audio content-distribution network that can drive targeted partnerships at point-of-sale locations.