Athletic Directors: Build All of Your Programs Together

As relationships evolve between athletes, their colleges and universities, the conference, and the NCAA, it’s wise to look at where everything is headed and protect your institution and its young people in the best ways possible, including seamless management of Name, Image, and Likeness rights. Technology today makes this possible through transparent contracts regulated with distributed-ledger blockchain.

Our program helps build the value of athletes and teams by delivering must-have content through a subscription-based app to an engaged fan base, and also allows for sponsorships and partnerships better to grow the value of the athletes and the team for all stakeholders, and will help elevate the profile of the school to the next level. Getting on board with our program means creating a transparent, compliant athlete-management program now, and share in the revenue generated by your programs as we work together to set up partners and sponsors.

Partner with Perpetual

Perpetual Sports Network is the right partner for colleges and universities as they navigate their way through the changes that are coming to collegiate athletics. Our management team includes former professional players and coaches who came up through the system and found success, combined with experienced talent-management professionals who use an understanding of the marketplace to advocate for today’s young athletes. Knowledgeable partners will help set the course for your policies surrounding athletes’ rights and how they benefit from Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

Our Team

Athletes who get to play at a high level are now treated with respect and real value, and we’re here to help make sure everyone involved in their career can make that leap. Because our principals thrived on the biggest stage, they know what it’s like, and their guidance will help the athletes rise to the occasion.

Our Technology

We use blockchain to ensure transparency and fairness. Contracts and payments can be tracked to ensure every stakeholder receives their fair share. With our subscription-based app delivering content to a growing fanbase, news can be in the hands of anyone who wants it in the blink of an eye. It’s an electrifying, expanding, ever-changing world, driven by the universality of mobile devices and the desire to have an inside track on the next revelation, and access to insight and analysis of what it all means. Our platform is built for scalability—we’re ready to grow and evolve as the environment shifts and changes, no matter what comes next.

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